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Remote Therapy

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Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, I am offering Video Counselling and Psychotherapy Sessions. I offer a

professional, ethical, confidential counselling and psychotherapy service. You can access this service

regardless of where you may be. You need not be alone.

At this difficult time, many people are finding issues arising for them, causing a sense of distress and/or anxiety in their lives.  It may be,  that these difficulties were previously unseen, or seemed not to exist -  due to normal living,  for example, busy working life,  distractions of nights out with friends, having freedom to travel, visit friends/family, going to the gym or swimming -  and that these issues are now highlighted,  causing this distress/anxiety for them now.  Talking CAN help.

 The following is the process should you wish to make an appointment:


1. My contact details: 


 If I am unavailable when you call, please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.

2. I will answer initial questions that you may have about making an appointment and I will let you know what to expect in our first session.

3. Should you be happy to proceed, we will complete a Consent Form, including a Confidentiality Agreement. This will          create the foundation for our work together.

4. We will make an appointment for a mutually suitable time. 


It is important for a Client to realise that Psychotherapy is a way of dealing with present difficulties, the basis of which, most likely, has its origins in past experiences. It can take some time, patience and effort to emotionally work through these experiences, for the Client to feel better and have a better sense of themselves.  This will help them develop a relationship with themselves which involves awareness and self-care.

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